Need help creating a perfect box? Reach out and we will build one together!


How will my box look when it has arrived?
  • All of our boxes come in our signature Mankind Co boxes. If you are unsure what these look like, take a look at our ‘Curated Boxes’ tab to see some examples.
  • The box is then filled with shredded paper and sealed with one of our #unwrapkindness stickers
  • These boxes are then wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in one of our white shipping boxes.
  • We make every effort to ensure the products are secure in the box to avoid movement, however we do not take any responsibility for items that have moved around during shipping.
  • Even though Australia Post does not guarantee fragile delivery, we place a fragile sticker on each box with the hope that the courier will treat the box with as much care as possible

Will you write the message on the card?

  • Yes!! every card is handwritten with a lot of love!
  • We will write the message exactly as you type it (and if we notice any errors, we will check with you to make sure we get it right)
  • Should you prefer to write out your own card, you may opt to leave your card blank

Do you have different size boxes?

  • Yes! We currently have two different sizes, small and large.
  • If you use our ‘Build a Box’ option, you will notice that the box will change sizes depending on the number and size of your products
  • For our pre-made boxes, the boxes with smaller items will come in a small box, and the others in a large box
  • If you would like to request a specific size, please be sure to let us know!

Can we order bulk boxes for clients/employees?

  • Absolutely! We would love to work with you to bring your vision to life and to impress your clients or to acknowledge your employees! Send us an email on with your budget, theme, products and branding, and let us do the rest!

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