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Classy Man
Classy Man
Classy Man
Classy Man

Classy Man

Mankind Co.
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What do you get when you cross practicality and style? A CLASSY MAN. This box is packed to the brim with versatile items that every man is bound to love. The knitted polka dot tie and striped dotted socks can be worn to his corporate job or to a day at the races. The note book can be used to jot down all of his brilliant ideas, or to work out which horse he's placing a bet on. The clay can be used to add a little texture or fully style his hair. And last but not least, no matter what type of man he is, he will love opening his wallet to pull out the sleek bottle opener to crack open his cold beverage.


  • Knitted Tie  ||  ORTC Man
  • Blue Stripes & Dots Socks  ||  Happy Socks
  • Coltrane Clay (95g)   ||  Triumph & Disaster
  • A5 Note Book  ||  Milligram
  • Pocket Pen  ||  Balograf
  • Signature Ace Bottle Opener  ||  Mankind Co.
  • Box & Handwritten Card  ||  Mankind Co.

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