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Modest Man
Modest Man
Modest Man
Modest Man

Modest Man

Mankind Co.
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For the man who likes a bit of subtle colour and style in his life, the MODEST MAN is what he needs.

Picture this, there's a guy sitting a few tables down from you at the coffee shop, hair nicely styled, leg resting across one knee revealing his stylish pair of socks, writing some of his great ideas in his notebook while he bites on a bar of chocolate. I bet you are thinking two things: #1- Man he's got style and #2- Where can I buy what he has (either for yourself, or for someone else)

By gifting him the Modest Man, you are giving him much more than this collection, you are gifting the experience of style.


  • Ceramic Coffee Cup  ||  Frank Green
  • Diamond Socks  ||  Happy Socks
  • Dreamy Dark Chocolate  ||  Hey Tiger
  • Fibre Royal  ||  Triumph & Disaster
  • Green Notebook  ||  Milligram
  • Pocket Pen  ||  Balograf
  • Ace Bottle Opener  ||   Mankind Co. 
  • Box & Handwritten Card  ||  Mankind Co. 

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