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Pamper Man - Mankind Co.
Pamper Man - Mankind Co.
Pamper Man - Mankind Co.
Pamper Man - Mankind Co.
Pamper Man

Pamper Man

Mankind Co.
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When was the last time he took some time for himself? Probably a very long time ago. PAMPER MAN is for the man who wants or needs to maintain his wellness. Every now and then everyone has a stressful week- what better way for him to refresh than with this box.

Here is how the wellness experience is going to play out:

1. Put on his Bro Mask which has been formulated especially for the bros, kick back, sit in front of the TV with a drink in hand and breathe

2. Go to the shower where he is met with his very own shampoo & conditioner, leaving his hair to smell and look fresh

3. Use soaps that have been hand made especially for him with only the finest of ingredients to ensure his skin remains silky smooth

4. Brush teeth with the most stylish toothbrush and paste, leaving his mouth minty fresh and his teeth sparkling white

5. He's as fresh as a Cucumber!


  • Shampoo  ||  Triumph & Disaster
  • Conditioner  ||  Triumph & Disaster
  • Bro Mask  ||  Jaxon Lane
  • Whitening Toothpaste  ||  Marvis
  • Toothbrush  ||  Marvis
  • Charcoal Soap  ||  De Chalain
  • Clay Soap  ||  De Chalain
  • Box & Handwritten Card  ||  Mankind Co. 

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